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Full Synthetic Oil Change

What is Full Synthetic Oil, and why is it better?

Full Synthetic oil is made in a lab, by Mad Scientists! It is formulated to better protect your engine's internal parts. The parts in your engine is metal rubbing on metal, the oil creates that "pillow" or "Cushion" to help ensure those metal parts rubbing together don't prematurely wear out. Full Synthetic oil will have a higher tolerance to extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures. This is a great middle of the road oil that will keep your vehicle running as it should. 

European Oil Change

Why is European oil different?

European oil is in fact Full Synthetic oil. But why is this different than our Full Synthetic option? European cars, such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, etc, require higher quality oils because they usually follow longer oil change intervals. The typical oil change interval for a European car is 10,000 miles. If the oil needs to be of higher quality, Yes, the oil filter also has to be higher quality, in order to withstand the higher oil change interval, and still be effective.

Synthetic Blend Oil Change

What is Diesel oil?

Diesel engine oil differs greatly from the oil used in Gasoline or European vehicles. Diesel oils are thicker and made for heavy duty applications. Diesel engines create more soot and combustion byproducts, in other words, it's dirtier than gasoline engines. Because of this the oils we put in diesel engines must have more additives in order for it to hold up in more severe conditions. Diesels generally work harder, therefore, they need an oil and filter that will keep that diesel engine running smooth.


Oil Change Services

Gasoline Vehicles

Basic Oil Change--$50

Full Synthetic Oil Change--$75

Premium Full Synthetic Oil Change--$95

European Vehicles

Euro Oil Change--$95

Premium Euro Oil Change--$165

Diesel Trucks

Synthetic Blend Oil Change--$110

Full Synthetic Oil Change--$165

Add-On Services

Tire Rotation--$20

Oil Analysis--$40

Metal Wiper Blades(2)--$25

Beam Wiper Blades(2)--$50

Air Filter--$25*

Cabin Air Filter--$35*

Fuel Filter--$60*

Power Steering Fluid Flush--$90*

Transmission Fluid/Filter Change--$160*

*Starting price, this can vary based on the vehicle, fluid capacity, and price of parts.